Andy Gearhart began his fencing career in 1983 at the Rochester Fencing Center under the instruction of Master Coach Buckie Leach. During his competitive career Andy focused on foil and found great success through his college career at Penn State. He still ranks in the top ten all-time career leaders for men’s foil fencers there. After college Andy turned his focus to coaching and his passion for the sport shines through when he coaches. His favorite aspect of coaching is as he says “when I see the light go off in my students eyes and know that they got it”. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and working with anyone who wants to learn.



Rochester Fencing Center 1991 – 1995
Penn State Coaching Asst. Varsity Team 1995 – 1996
Westside Fencing Center 1999 – 2001
Central PA Fencing 2002 – 2004
Boise Fencing Club 2006 – Present


Fencing Accomplishments:

PSU Varsity Fencing Team                                1991 – 1995
World University Games                                                1993
U.S Olympic Festival                                         1991 – 1993, 1995
Senior National Team                                         1992 – 1993
Junior World Championships                             1991 – 1992
Junior National Team                                         1992 – 1994
All American                                                      1992 – 1995


Coached by:

Buckie Leach, Master Coach and 2012 USA Fencing Hall of Fame Member Leach is one of the most successful foil coaches in U.S. fencing history. His students have won more international medals in women’s foil than any American coach or club combined. Leach was also a U.S. Olympic Coach in 1996, 2000 and 2004.

Wes Glon, the six-time winner of Poland’s highest fencing honors in sabre and the U.S. Olympic Fencing Team coach in 1992 and 1996. He also is the coach of 11-time NCAA Champion Penn State.
EmmanuilKaidanov, fencing master and was Head Coach of the Men’s and Women’s fencing team for over 30 years. During Kaidanov’s tenure, the men’s team has finished in the top three in 25 out of 29 seasons, while the women’s squad has improved from 10th place in 1986 to first place six times in the `90s. For these accomplishments, Kaidanov was honored as the 1990, 1991 NCAA and 1996 USFCA Coach-of-the-Year.